3 Tips for Maximizing Holiday Hold

3 Tips for Maximizing Holiday Hold 21st December 2019Leave a comment

As you rush around gathering things before your holiday, do you have some nagging thoughts in the back of your mind about your own shopping list?  Are you thinking ahead to January sales?

I find shopping for others inevitably prompts me to think of my own needs as well — and this is important!

Let’s help you make way for a peaceful holiday by giving you a great work-around using technology!

Holiday Hold

Once you’re on holiday or vacation (depending on where you live), you’re probably not doing much shopping for yourself.  If you are, it’s probably more about mementos, and less about filling-in-your-wardrobe-blanks (jewelry, perhaps?).

Either way, it’s vacation/holiday — and that is as it should be!

Let’s call it Holiday Hold.

Photo by Daniil Silantev on Unsplash

Tip #1:  Put the items you need in your online shopping bag now

Find the items on your Needs List and put them in your online shopping bag at your favorite stores now rather than trying to remember what they are at sale time or listing them on your fridge, or your notebook or your smartphone.

Now — wait a minute!  I’m not talking about actually purchasing them!  I’m just suggesting you put the items in your online shopping bag — for later.  On some sites — like Amazon and Nordstrom — you can actually create a wish list or save items for later.

What’s the difference?

  • Wish Lists:  a public list you use to wish for items that you want others to give you — like a new scent, a great bag or a pretty dress.
  • Save for Later:  a private list where you can keep the items on your Needs List like your favorite bras or undies and great tops or trousers for work or weekend.

Bonus?  You may actually get what you want as a gift!

Photo by Priscilla Du Preez on Unsplash

Tip #2:  Check back in to see if your items have gone on sale

As sale-time approaches, check in on that list to see if one of your pieces has gone on sale.  Sometimes, your items will have sold out — that’s okay.  It wasn’t meant for you, anyway.

If the item you wanted IS in your cart and IS on sale, you can go ahead and purchase it.

Bonus?  If you’re checking in on it, chances are you really do want it and need it — rather than buying it for the thrill or because it’s on sale.

Note:  If you are trying to break-up with shopping or trying hard to keep to a budget, this can be a dangerous tactic.  That item will follow you across the internet, popping up wherever ads are present.  For more on this, check out Jennifer Van Dijk’s excellent guest post on Budgeting For Your Style.

Photo by Artem Beliaikin on Unsplash

Tip #3:  Purchase a whole look

Do you shop in outfits or purchase items on the fly?

I recommend shopping in outfits — whether you are completing or upgrading a look, or purchasing a whole new look.  This way, you refresh and upgrade your wardrobe holistically.  When I’m talking outfits, I’m talking about all pieces — top, bottom, layer, foundations, accessories and shoes!

Bonus?  You have new shoes and accessories to use with other looks.  And you avoid using a whole month of your monthly number on foundations, which can be a real bummer — no matter how necessary they are!

When the holiday is over and your budget is re-charged, you might find yourself pleasantly surprised!


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