An Insider’s Perspective On How To Curate Your Wardrobe

An Insider’s Perspective On How To Curate Your Wardrobe 17th October 2019Leave a comment

Do you find yourself feeling guilty about the amount of clothing you have in your wardrobe, but you struggle with what to do about it?

As Personal Style Coach, I hear from women just like you every day about this issue.

Recognizing any challenge is the first step to solving it.

Collectively, we’re realizing we need to return to the model of “less is more” but we’re not sure how.

To Capsule?  To Kondo?

Years ago when I started my practice, I read that most women use only 70% of what’s actually in their wardrobes.  Anecdotally, I can tell you this is generally true.

When I work with my clients and ask them to pull their favorite pieces, some have a whole week of looks, others 3-4 outfits and some only one or even none.

What comes to mind when you think of your favorite pieces?  Do you have a full outfit that makes you look and feel amazing?

This is my goal for you:  to have a wardrobe of clothing that looks and feels great every day!

Here’s how:

  • Commit to an Organizing Principle.  Some people love Marie Kondo, others love a capsule wardrobe.  Others still espouse a function-driven wardrobe.  I’m agnostic.  To me, the important thing is to commit to an organizing principle you think will work for you.
  • Carve Out Time.  Whether you set aside 2-3 hours this weekend, take it step-by-step over a couple evenings or tackle it over the next few weeks, it all works.  Which feels more do-able for you?
  • Create Outfits.  As you go through your wardrobe, pull your favorite pieces and create some outfits.  Add accessories, add shoes, add a layer if possible.  See how you feel.  Tweak it as necessary.  Once you feel good, take a mirror-selfie of your full look.  If you’re pairing with trousers, set the top aside and find another top to work with the pant.  This is called outfit creation and it’s the key to feeling polished and put-together, which is what all my clients tell me they crave.
  • Catalog Your Looks.  Turn those mirror selfies into a catalog.  At DailyOutfit, we create a Style Map.  You may want to use a closet app or just keep the photos on your phone for reference.  Whatever you choose, the key is not to have to remember which necklace went with what blouse, just refer to your catalog.
  • Contribute The Rest.  Put anything you haven’t styled into bags to give away.  If that makes you nervous, store the bags somewhere in your home or storage unit where you won’t see them.  At the end of the season, if you didn’t touch the bags, you know you can release them.
  • Not Sure?  If there’s an item you’re unsure about, put it away, too.  Mark the bag “Maybe” and you test yourself.  Like your giveaway items above, if you don’t find yourself needing it, you can release it.
  • Just-In-Case.  The only outfits you’ll need for those “just-in-case” moments are a funeral outfit and a party outfit.  Even in the case of a party outfit, you can always do Rent-The-Runway for updated looks that fit the specific occasion.  For more on Rent-The-Runway, read my review here.

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