Are Your Image Gremlins Stopping You?

Are Your Image Gremlins Stopping You? 2nd July 2019Leave a comment

Is your inner voice telling you creating your personal style won’t help you?

Your inner voice bully is trying to protect you.  It wants to keep you safe.  It’s also holding you back.


Let’s Move Forward

Image gremlins

With support, you can do anything. Just look at this climbing bridge:  a few hand-holds and some string will get you across the forest.  Learning anything new is like crossing that bridge.  You need some support.

Please tell your image gremlins the following:

  • I can feel beautiful and confident.
  • It’s time for me to learn how.
  • Once I learn, I will be able to focus on propelling my purpose forward.

I know all about image gremlins.  Every single one of my clients has had one.  It’s that voice inside that tells you you can’t do it, you’re not xx enough or you need to wait until xx.

Are you sick of listening to that voice?  Is it time for you to start feeling great about how you look?

The truth is the voice isn’t going to go away.  In fact, the voice is going to get more insistent and raise its pitch.  You need to learn how to handle the voice.

As a Personal Style Coach, it’s my purpose to help you handle the image gremlins, to calm them down and allow them to give you space to grow.

This is why every single one of my programs has a built-in emergency call.  We don’t know where the image gremlins are going to get you — we just know that they will at some point.  That’s okay.

You can try this yourself — or you can ask for help.  It’s up to you.

Sometimes, you can handle your image gremlins yourself. Other times, they are so strong you need to do personal work with a therapist before you work with me. If neither fits your situation, working with me may be exactly what you need!

Only you can decide — just know that I am here to help you move forward whenever you feel the time is right!

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