Bottom Line: Your Foundations Simplified

Bottom Line: Your Foundations Simplified 4th February 2020Leave a comment

Do you have a clear-eyed vision for what you want to accomplish in 2020?

In my conversations with 9 of my favorite female entrepreneurs last week, we talked vision, finding your why, trusting your instincts and having the courage to step into the unknown.  It was amazing!

But now, I want to switch tacks back to what brought you here in the first place:  wanting to look and feel good.  To begin the year well, our first item on the agenda after the vision piece is:  your foundation wardrobe.

Setting Your Foundations

When we talk about the bottom line, we’re usually not talking literally!

Today, however, I want to focus in on what’s going on beneath your clothing — because setting this foundation is fundamental to great style.

One of the most important aspects to creating a functioning wardrobe is fully-functional foundations.

With Valentine’s Day coming soon, February is also a great time to delve into your lingerie drawer!

Photo by Fahad Waseem on Unsplash

Your Basic Foundations Wardrobe

Starting at the very beginning, ask yourself:  when is the last time was that you were measured for a bra?

Never?  Before Kids?  When you got married?  It’s okay — I’m not at all judging you here!

This is a key part of maintenance for your wardrobe — you need to purchase new bras at least every three years and get measured each and every time.  The bra ladies will tell you that you need to come in every year, but unless you are nursing or have changed sizes dramatically in the past year, that is challenging to sustain.

Your body will change and your bra size will change along with it — you literally need to adjust accordingly!

  • Getting measured and wearing a well-fitting bra is one of the easiest ways to improve your look.  Not only does it literally gives you a lift, it also literally gives you the support you need.
  • Wearing seamless undies gives you the protection you need without calling attention to your foundations.

Pro Tip:  Visit your local lingerie shop or try Nordstrom’s or Bloomingdale’s for a fitting.

My Favorite Recommendations:

Click here or on the image below for specific recommendations
Bottom-line: Foundations

Chantelle is a fabulous bra line because it offers full support and coverage in a wide range of sizing.  If you don’t want additional padding, they have a bra that fits the bill.  If you need a minimizer, ditto.  If you want a push-up or plunge bra, they’ve got you.

Hanky Panky is my go-to underwear line.  My favorite product of theirs is the retro thong.  It gives you the seamless nature of a thong without leaving you feeling exposed.  If you hate thongs, I still recommend trying this brand.  You won’t feel the thong in the way you do with other brands.

Both brands are pretty and functional at the same time as well as well-constructed and long-lasting.

Your Shopping List:

  • Nude Tee-Shirt Bra:  Two.
    • purchase these in a neutral color that matches your skin tone
  • Black Bra:  Two.
    • if you like the look & feel of the tee-shirt bra, duplicate it
    • if you’re already buying black bras as your nude, try alternating the styling of the bra to add variety
  • Fancy Bra:  One.
    • for Date Nights or feeling special
  • Nude Seamless Undies: 8
    • recommend Hanky Panky Retro Thongs
  • Dark Seamless Undies:  7

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