Challenge Complete: Focus on Le Tote

Challenge Complete: Focus on Le Tote 10th September 2019Leave a comment

Completing my challenge to review the clothing rental services market for you, I turn my focus to Le Tote.

Like Armoire, LeTote is an clothing rental service with less of a high fashion focus than Rent-The-Runway.  What makes it different?  Its accessories option, the 50% off retail offer and lower price point plus free trial.

Let’s analyze its attributes, so you can come extrapolate from my experience to conclude if this is the next right step for you.

LeTote Trial

The Deal: $79/month, 3 Items per month + 2 Accessories*, Free dry-cleaning & shipping.

Starting Out:  LeTote uses AI to choose items for you based on an initial data and visual quiz.  However, you can also browse items, which works well for me since I’m clear on my own personal style.  You receive one free month to try out the service, but they do require you to enter your payment details before you get to choose what’s in your first box.

First Box:  My delivery came quickly in a cardboard box with a return mailer.  Because I had already gone through my trial with Rent The Runway and Armoire, I knew to order some items that would work and some to push my comfort zone.  I decided to go with a knife-pleat skirt, tied-waist tee and try a racy going-out top for grins.  The quality of the knife-pleat skirt was not great, the tied-waist top was too worn to wear and the going-out top was awful.  I wore the skirt and enjoyed it, but would never have purchased it.  The looks I put together in “Why Skirt the Issue?” in my April shopping post were cuter.  The win in this box was the necklace and bracelet.  I loved these two, kept them and have worn them repeatedly.

Second Box:  The next box I got I took a few chances mostly because I was struggling to find anything I really loved.  All the items I chose were wrong for some reason — fit, pattern, too worn or not great quality.  I was really disappointed.  On the flip side, I got some cute earrings to go with my new necklace and bracelet.  That set became my standard jewelry for my Summer work period.

What LeTote has going for it:

  • Accessories:  I love the requirement to rent accessories.  It’s fun to have new items to add polish to your looks and it definitely elevates your look.  I like that they include accessories in the rental but separate them from your clothing options.
  • 50% off Retail:  Offering a great rent-to-buy option makes this service a super easy way to shop and control your costs.  If you love something, it’s easy to keep it since the price tag is low.
  • Lower Price Point + Free Trial.  Le Tote is the least expensive of all the options — and offers a free month trail, which makes the decision to try it out so easy!  Plus, you can cancel at any time.
  • App.  The app for LeTote is user-friendly and makes shopping easy.
  • Responsive:  LeTote has already changed their options since I tested it.  They now offer two boxes a month or one box with 5 items and 3 accessories for $79.  You can also do 7 items/3 accessories for $99 or 10 items/5 accessories for $119.  Note all of these prices are less than Armoire’s unlimited option per month.  There are also box options that do not include accessories.

What LeTote needs to improve:

  • Quality Level.  Like Armoire, the brands and variety of sophisticated items on Le Tote does not compare at all to Rent The Runway.  Because the level is not so high, the items don’t wear well. This makes it not at all compelling for me, but if you’re looking for practical pieces to add breadth or depth to your wardrobe, it may work well for you.
  • Limited Sizing.  Offering only 0-16 misses a huge segment of the market.  Like Armoire, this is disappointing.

Worth Watching:

  • Lord & Taylor Acquisition:  This may up the quality level and variety of sizing.  I’m going to give myself permission to come back to LeTote in a few months to try it again.

Here’s my trial of my first box plus the earrings I kept from the second box:

Conclusion:  LeTote is a practical option to provide breadth and depth to your wardrobe with fun accessories to vary your look at an affordable price point.  The rent-to-buy option is compelling.  Try a month for free!  

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