Client Secrets: My Obsession With Your Style Challenges

Client Secrets: My Obsession With Your Style Challenges 19th October 2019Leave a comment

Are you ready to spill your secrets about what’s in your closet?

I want to share the number one frustration women have been confessing to me lately:  I have too much clothing and I don’t know what to do with it!

It’s absolutely possible to create a wardrobe so you can show up as the polished, put-together woman you really are.

We’re in this together — and I’m here to help.

by Godisable Jacob,

Your Style Challenge

Do any of the following sound like you?

  • “I don’t feel like I have the wardrobe I need”
  • “I spend too much money on clothes”
  • “I don’t really have a style.  I’m all over the place.”
  • “I get too overwhelmed.”
  • “I feel so stupid that I’m getting upset about shoes or hair or clothes.”

Women just like you come to me every day for help with clarifying their personal style, curating their wardrobes and creating closets that actually work to support the lives they want to lead.

Sharing My Secrets

Facing a closet stuffed full of clothing is an overwhelming way to start your day.  You’re not sure what looks good together and feel a “should” around having a curated “capsule” wardrobe of great-fitting pieces, but you have no idea how to get there.

That’s exactly why I’ve created my upcoming free LIVE training, “Organize Your Wardrobe To Organize Your Life.”

I’m going to give you exactly the kinds of secrets I share with my clients when I do a wardrobe review or teach them how to curate their closet as their Personal Style Coach.  Obviously, we’re not going to spend a month doing it nor are you getting my individual feedback.  But, I’ll give you the nuts and bolts foundation that you need to get this done for yourself this season.

Why Would I Do This?

The truth is that I would love to put myself out of business!

If every single woman walking the Earth felt as confident as you do wearing your power outfit, what would that even feel like?  

I, for one, would love to find out.  That’s why I wrote my book, that’s why I teach my classes, that’s why I speak with women’s groups and that’s why I’m offering this free training.

If all you need is the framework to get this done, I want to give that to you!

Want To Learn More?  Join me for my Live Training, “Organizing Your Wardrobe To Organize Your Life” on 10/30!  Sign-up is below.

Join me for my Live Training, “Organizing Your Wardrobe To Organize Your Life” on 10/30.