Expert Advice: Introducing Your Vision 2020 Speakers

Expert Advice: Introducing Your Vision 2020 Speakers 21st January 2020Leave a comment

Are you struggling to keep your New Year’s resolutions?

I hear you.  I used to set crazy-ambitious goals for myself and sketch out detailed five-year plans, then inevitably life would intervene and I would beat myself up.  Not anymore!

Working collaboratively with my business besties (you’ll meet them during Vision 2020!), I set myself three goals a year.  By keeping the list short, I stay focused.  Breaking down the goals into smaller actions gives me achievable results that add up to clear progress.

Vision 2020
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My Balcony

Have you ever gotten the advice to arrange a board of directors for your life or your business?  This is something I have done intuitively my whole life.  I gather smart and capable people around me, ask probing questions and listen to their expert counsel.  I call them “my balcony.”

Imagine you’re speaking on stage and everyone in the balcony is cheering for you and has your back!  

During Vision 2020, ask your questions of my balcony to help you propel your purpose forward!

Vision 2020
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Here’s the schedule of speakers for Vision 2020:

January 29:

Marketing:  Stephanie Ward:  I first met Stephanie on LinkedIn when she welcomed me to The Netherlands and invited me to meet up in real life — such a powerful networker! Stephanie is such a gorgeous, wonderful spirit and I’m forever grateful to have her in my life and as one of my business besties! I want you to know her, too — and know her incredible work to help make marketing simple for small business owners. Her favorite quote is one I live by, too, “Success is liking yourself, liking what you do, and liking how you do it.” Maya Angelou.


Feminism & Invisible Labor:  Rachel Wynn How many times have you thought about your work mission from a feminist perspective? How often do you find yourself thinking about how equal your team or your partnership is? One of the things I love about Rachel is how thoughtful and nuanced she is about her feminism and her invisible labor work. When I joined Feminist Founder, I not only wanted to be part of a founder group that openly shared about the female entrepreneurs’ experience, I also wanted to be part of a group that was specifically feminist in nature — and she made that happen!


Financial Strategy:  Jill James:  Have you ever had a business idea and wondered how to turn it into a reality? Ever want to know how you actually figure out how to get there?  Me, too! The idea that the words finance and strategy go together makes me feel more calm.  Enter Jill James who has major bank credentials + has worked a 6 different VC-backed start-ups.  Her mission? “I believe business ownership is the path to eliminating the wage gap, building progressive working environments, fixing the planet, and designing the lives that we want, without sacrificing meaningful work.”

January 30:

Intuitive Guidance:  Susan DeVriend  Would you love to meld your intuitive power with your skills and expertise?  This is exactly what Susan helps her clients to do.  Her evolution as a Life Coach has been amazing to witness.  I’m proud to have known her every step of the way — from when she started out to now that she’s fully owning her power as an empath, a clairaudient and an intuitive.  What does she want for us in 2020?  “To make these psychic/spiritual gifts — sometimes we call them WOO WOO (I also want to end that) — the new normal.”


Money:  Maggie Germano Do you love talking about money, have your finances totally in order and have zero hang-ups about budgeting, sales or financial planning? Yeah, me neither! In fact, almost everyone I know struggles with money in some sense — and there’s still so little content out there aimed specifically at women, yet we actually control so much wealth! That’s where Maggie come in — and why I love what she does SO much! As she says, “I want to make more of an impact on the world. And I want to help women gain more power in their lives and in the world.”


Accessibility:  Erin Perkins:  How often do you think about how accessible your content is for people with disabilities? Even though my own father was deaf and my brother is deaf, I have not been conscientious about this aspect of my business. When I met Erin Perkins and she explained how technology makes it so easy for us to be accessible, I realized I needed to do a better job. Thanks to Erin, I now know how!



January 31:

Leadership:  Lisa Dempsey:  Would you love to show up as a leader in your own life in your own unique way?  This is Lisa’s special sauce — and she’s honed these skills through 20 years in the multinational corporate space and now as CEO of Leadership Labs.  I met Lisa as the Co-Lead for the Mentoring Program at PWN-Amsterdam and we’ve stayed in close touch ever since.  Her pragmatic and clear insight into what makes people tick is her superpower.  Lisa is actually the one who introduced me to #shinetheory and I’ve been practicing it joyfully ever since!


Start-Ups:  Rebecca LimaA serial entrepreneur, I got to know Rebecca through experiencing her service, The Lieu, at MogulX in New York this past Fall.  The Lieu is a B2B subscription service, delivering premium grooming and feminine care products to women in the workplace — so smart!  Rebecca is on her way to growing her business to the $1 million mark while maintaining strong boundaries to enjoy this moment and her engagement at the same time!



Branding:  Maggy Sterner Have you ever stumbled over your answer to the question, “What do you do?” It *should* be simple enough to answer. After all, you do what you do every work day. You know what you do. You’re an expert in what you do! And yet — you find yourself stumbling. What if I told you there is a person who can help you? Someone who worked in a news room for years, who knows from headlines?  In her own words, “I took the long way around to get here.  I know how to sift through a jillion words and hear what the story really is.  In the case of my clients, it’s their brand copy.”


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