Fire Pit Fashion

Are you gearing up for a holiday season that looks different from any other?  Me, too!

  • Our Thanksgiving dinner will be just my husband and kids, preceded by an outdoor, socially-distanced “dessert-first” celebration with my brother, sister and kids complemented by a Zoom with my extended family.
  • For our Dutch Christmas (Sinterklaas) celebration with my in-laws, we’ll be socially-distanced outside by the fire pit with a buffet of Thanksgiving sandwiches.

Regardless, this is definitely a time to be counting your blessings and enjoying what you do have in any way you are able.

None of this is normal, so I’ve taken the guesswork out of fire pit fashion for you!

Here’s hoping you have a wonderful Thanksgiving however you are able to celebrate!

Cold Weather

For cold weather, you can basically go with your ski outfit.  If you’re not a skiier, you live in an area that gets cold and you don’t have snow pants, this is the year to invest in them.  They will come in handy!

The key here is layering — start with a warm base layer of wicking material, add your snow pants and fleece, then a snow parka on top.  You’ll want a hat and gloves to keep you warm.  Plus, of course, your mask to stay safe!

Cool Weather

For cool weather, go for a warm sweater, jeans and high boots.  If you get cold easily, you may want to layer a thermal underneath as well.  Top with your parka, hat, gloves and mask.  Remember, you’ll be sitting, so you want to go a layer warmer than you might think necessary.  You can always take things off if you get hot!


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