Are foot issues cramping your style?

Are foot issues cramping your style? 6th February 20182 Comments

Many of my clients come to me with foot issues.  Almost every single one tells me this with an apology.

Why?  Because she feels she’s the only woman who can’t wear “pretty” shoes and mourns the loss.

This is actually totally normal.

Foot issues comes from years of wearing shoes that do not actually support your feet.  You can wear comfortable shoes and look and feel great!  In fact, I haven’t worn an uncomfortable shoe in 9 years!

Street style stars have freed the sneaker from the gym and daily commute and have showed us how to pair them with everyday looks for chic and comfort.  Wear them with dresses, suits or jeans, it’s possible to walk on a cloud every day.

If sneakers are not appropriate in your workplace, not to worry.  Thanks to Michelle Obama, we’ve been seeing flat shoes with suits, dresses and skirts for years.  Whether you go for a flat boot or a kitten heel, depending on your particular foot issue, you can walk easily at work as well.


How We Solve It: 

  • Add a fancy, decorated sneaker to your simple Casual Friday or Weekend looks.
  • Try a flat over-the-knee or Chelsea boot with skirts and dresses.
  • If you have issues with your calves, wide-calf options exist or you can look for a boot with a stretch panel in back (or both).
  • If you can’t wear flats, try a low or kitten heel.


Some Suggestions:


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Calvin Klein Over-the-Knee Boots (ON SALE $159)
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Cole Haan Chelsea Boot (ON SALE $139)
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Steve Madden Sneaker ($89)






Try It Yourself:

Above are some of the simple and easy tactics I use with clients (and on myself) to deal with foot issues.  There are many elements, tricks and tactics we can employ to help you look and feel your best every single day — these are just a few.  Try them and see if they work for you!


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  1. I often know what to wear but not where to buy what I would like I need pants to fit expanded belly due to medical issue and shoes that have arch supports so my knee and back work well

    1. Hi Fran! There are specific suggestions in the blog post as to where you can buy the items I’ve recommended. As for trousers to fit an expanded belly, I recommend sizing up. Arch supports are available from your podiatrist, but you’ll also need to size up your shoes. I recently went through this, so I understand how frustrating it can be. However, you can look at it as an opportunity to release shoes that never worked and invest in shoes that will truly support you. Good luck!

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