Globetrotter Style Day

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  • Are you ready to have your look feel like you?
  • Would you love to create a personal style that conveys the best of who you are in one glance?
  • Do you need looks for a specific event and you need them fast?

If you said yes, the Globetrotter Style Day is right for you!

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Why is the Globetrotter Style Day right for you?

This full-day program is specifically designed for those who want immediate action and a total transformation. Limited availability from September – June for $1749.

Do something just for you — you deserve it.

Style Starts Now! Virtual Workshop: What you receive
Wobke testimonial

“Thanks for today. Even when the shopping was hard, you were so comforting and got me through the day. You are such a beautiful person, I’m so glad I could spent the day with you. Of course I’m happy with the bags full of beautiful things, but that was not the most important thing today. Thank you!” — Wobke

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