Holiday Hygge

After the Christmas holiday, my family and I are taking a little road trip.  We’ll be visiting Williamsburg, Jamestown and Yorktown outside, masked-up and socially distant.  We’ll be eating in, playing board games, reading and relaxing with ourselves.  In other words, we’re doing everything we can to stay safe, but also take a break from home, where we’ve lived and worked for the past several months.

In prepping for the trip, I realized that I have very little in the way of weekend clothes, which are essentially all I’m going to want to wear on vacation.

  • Soft, Easy Sweaters:  I hate being cold, so I looked for some soft, easy sweaters with a little bit of wool in them to pair with jeans.  I’ll wear the crewneck with an infinity scarf to protect my neck.
  • NYDJ Jeans:  These are my stand-bys — they are soft and stretchy, so feel wonderful on the body and they have a built-in panel at the waist, so they’re super-flattering on my curves.  I like pairing skinnies or straight-leg with an oversized sweater so the proportion stays correct.
  • Winter Booties:  I need a pair of shoes that are warmer than the sneakers I’ve been wearing non-stop, but not quite as warm or clunky as my amazing snow boots.  I went with these Sorel pull-ons — so comfy!  They are waterproof and look badass.
  • Trainer Studs:  Note the diamond earrings are trainers — I love wearing these on vacation because I can put them in at the beginning of the trip and not worry about them ever again!

Hygge is the Danish word for cozy — and that’s exactly what I want to feel while we take this break.  I hope these options are inspiring for you to get outside and enjoy some down time!

Holiday Hygge Look




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