How To Accept And Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body: Part One

How To Accept And Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body: Part One 15th July 2018Leave a comment

By Sharon Galor 

Can you describe what you look like? 

Take a second to answer the question.  Chances are that you did not say: I am 1.65, red hair, blue eyes. 

Most likely your description was more subjective and judgmental such as:

  • I am short;
  • my hips are huge;
  • my breasts are now saggy and
  • my arms are flabby. 

Think about this for a moment.  Really take it in!


What we see in the mirror and describe as our body is only an image that reflects what we think and believe about ourselvesand how we think others see us.

Given that, what did you say about yourself?

Your mental representation is also coloured by:

  • messages we receive from others,
  • the emotions that we feel at that moment,
  • memories,
  • assumptions we make about others and
  • our culture.

We accept that body image as accurate and true.  But, that image is biased.  It does not necessarily reflect how you actually look! 

This week, I simply want you to observe and acknowledge what it is you are saying to yourself and to others about how you look.

Additionally, every time you say something about how you look, ask yourself:

  • How did I get this thought? 
  • Is it representing a message I received from someone else, a memory, an assumption, my culture? 
  • And if I was feeling different emotions now, would I have used the same adjectives or would I have said something else?

In Part Two of this discussion, I’ll talk about the impact that our body image has on our lives.


About the author:

Dr Sharon Galor

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