How To Accept And Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body: Part 3

How To Accept And Rock Your Perfectly Imperfect Body: Part 3 12th August 2018Leave a comment

By Sharon Galor

In my first post in this series, I asked you to observe how you’re talking about yourself.  If you missed it, check out the post here.  In the second post, I talked about how your negative thoughts and if-then statements are a never-ending cycle that will not actually result in body acceptance.  If you missed it, check it out here.

Now, we’re going to talk about how to break the cycle of negative thoughts, so you have finally enjoy body acceptance.

You can be happy with yourself without liking all your body parts.

Be happy

Shift Your Focus

When you only pay attention to the parts of your body that you hate, it magnifies your imperfections and enhances your negative body image. That does you a great disservice.  When you break this harmful habit, you can turn your attention to yourself as a whole individual.

Instead, focus on:

  • improving your body image
  • accepting your body and
  • working with what you’ve got

Most importantly, take this in: you are more than your body parts.

How you look does not determine your self-worth.

Reread these sentences and let them sink in.MirrorExercise 1: 

  • Focus on what makes you a special, accomplished and loveable individual.
  • Write down whom you are as a person (e.g. character, strengths, achievements, capacities, values).
  • Finding the satisfaction, happiness and the real worth in your whole self will reduce the importance of the way your body looks. This will help you accept your body regardless of its size and respect yourself as you are right now.
  • Reading your list whenever you feel insecure will shed a more positive light on your thoughts, boost your confidence and improve your mood. Add to your list whenever you think of more things you like about yourself.

Exercise 2:

  • Go to your mirror.
  • Look for the body parts you like.
  • Tell yourself what you like about about your body and compliment yourself as another might e.g. my lips are full, soft and kissable; my eyes are deep and alluring or my shoulders are strong and elegant.
  • Imagine how to celebrate and accentuate your favourite body parts with make-up, accessories, or clothes that flatter you.
  • Try to put it into action and see how you feel.
  • When you look in the mirror again, look at the whole you and see the whole you in the mirror, not only your body parts.

Exercise 3:

  • Substitute the self-critical derogatory thoughts you noticed in the first week with kinder, more accepting and nonjudgmental formulations.
  • Be more flexible and realistic with your appearance assumptions.
  • Additionally, give yourself positive affirmations about you as a whole individual to neutralize the power your inner bully has over you.
  • Say it as often as you feel you need to hear it.
  • You can also write yourself a few notes and spread them around your surroundings. — on the mirror, in your wallet or your lingerie drawer.

REMEMBER – Your mood will influence your thoughts when you look at the mirror. Take it proportionally and accept that some days will be harder to  accept yourself than others. When that happens, try to make more of an effort to be more positive and kinder to yourself.

Wear clothes that compliment your body and have fun with your clothing.  Let your style present to the world glimpses of whom you are.  Focus more on how your clothes make you feel and how good you look as you are right now, rather than on the size.

Hold your head up and feel good about being the best version of yourself at that specific present moment.

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