How To Create Unique Looks Quickly

How To Create Unique Looks Quickly 31st March 2020Leave a comment

Do you ever have trouble putting looks together that are polished but uniquely you?

One of the things my clients say to me most often is, “I never would have thought of putting those together!  I love that look!”

Let me to show you how to create looks you love from your existing pieces.

Changing Up Your Looks

Has your initial response to working from home was to stay in your pajamas or exercise clothes?

I totally get it.  However, I definitely encourage taking your shower and getting dressed for your day.

When you change your clothes to fit the function, it helps you change your mindset to focus on the task at hand.

Photo by Lena Bell on Unsplash

Here are some quick tips to make outfit creation easy:

  • Power of Three:  When you put your looks together, expand beyond the basic top + trouser or skirt to add a third element to your outfit.  Jackets are great for this purpose — especially in the Spring and Fall when weather is changing and can swing from cool to warm in just one day.

  • Accessorize:  The element that takes your look from good to great is your use of accessories.  Whether it’s a belt or earrings or both, add some color, pattern or interest to your look with accessories.  This is even *more* important now that you’re on video conference calls.  Frame your face with a statement necklace, scarf or big, stud earrings.


  • Experiment:  If you normally wear your favorite tee with a jacket and jeans, try it with a long skirt.  Since you’re at home, there’s no risk — and you can see how it feels!  Even on video conference, no one will know the difference!  If you like it, take a mirror-selfie and catalog it as a great look.  If not, no harm, no foul — go back to the jean pairing!


Most Important?  Stay safe and stay well.  Thanks to our front-line workers.  You are our sheroes right now!

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