Insider Testing: Revealing the Truth About Rent The Runway

Insider Testing: Revealing the Truth About Rent The Runway 30th July 2019Leave a comment

Have you been wondering about Rent the Runway?  You may have tried them for a friend’s wedding — but what would it be like to rent on the regular?

I am going to take you inside my trial of Rent-the-Runway’s regular clothing rental program, “Update.”  I still have the blouse I bought for my 15-year Reunion 15 years ago, so you can imagine how little I wanted to spend on this event — which made it the perfect trail for rental.

Let’s get down to details on how RentTheRunway (RTR) worked for me — and how it might work for you!  If you want to see my day-to-day attempts, scroll through my #dailyoutfit posts on Instagram.

Rent the Runway Trial

Rent the Runway trial
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The Deal: $89/month, 4 Items per month, Free dry-cleaning & shipping.

Rent the Runway has beautiful presentation — you can easily scroll through clothing that is available for rental and imagine your fabulous wardrobe to come.

Starting Out:  It took me some trial and error to figure it out — most specifically with realizing that not all the pieces are available to rent at all times.  The initial style quiz ended up producing very few items for me, so went straight to the “clothing” section, hearted many items and was disappointed to find I could not add them to my “update” box because they were only available for one-day rentals.  Bummer!

First Box:  My delivery came quickly in a gorgeous clothing bag/mailer.  I loved that it was fabric, creates no waste and is specifically designed for the purpose.  Gold star!

  • Taking Chances:  I did take some chances with my first delivery.  Most specifically, I wanted to try the ruffle trend and ordered an off-the-shoulder top.  The fabric was beautiful, but it looked ridiculous on me, which reminded me why I never add volume to my shoulders.
  • Excellent Customer Service:  The other items in my box did not fit, had a stain and were too worn to wear.  When I called the hotline, the customer service rep was appropriately apologetic.  At the same time, he managed to warn me that I would normally not be able to return my full box without paying a fee.  It was a tough mix to have the apology and warning at the same time.

Second Box:  The second box I ordered was fabulous — and came very quickly.  The pieces I chose were in my lane, but I allowed myself to play with some current trends:  culottes, lush dark prints and gingham (last year’s trend, but who’s counting?).  Using the occasion of my reunion to provide some parameters, I am happy to report everything worked well, fit and was appropriate to the events.  I loved being able to level-up for this special event in terms of fabrication and design without actually paying the price per item!

What RTR has going for it:

  • Fabulous Offerings:  Rent The Runway’s clothing curation is fabulous.  The brands are excellent, the items are on-trend but not ridiculous and the variety is good.
  • Sizing:  Of all the rental clothing options, RTR has the best sizing options going from 0-22.
  • Navigation:  It takes a minute to figure out how to navigate the site, but once you do, it’s easy.  I used the hearting function to create lists for the types of events I want to rent clothing for:  networking, speaking, date nights and day parties.
  • Reviews: I also love that real people post photos of how they wore the item and reviews on the fit.  The site encourages you to do this after you’ve worn your items.  It also filters the feedback based on your sizing, which is super-helpful.

Here’s me in my speaking outfit for my Chapel Talk:

Conclusion:  Loved it!  If you enjoy shopping, this could be a fun, sustainable way to scratch that itch.  You’ll receive fabulous items that will give your wardrobe punch and pizzazz!  Use this link for a special Friends & Family promotion.

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