Manifesting Your Powerful Destiny

Manifesting Your Powerful Destiny 18th December 2019Leave a comment

Has your year been what you wanted?

Manifesting your destiny takes courage, commitment and creativity.

At DailyOutfit, we’re building a safe space for women who want to take the power of personal style and leverage it on our own terms.

I’m grateful to offer you the gift that keeps on giving.

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Wrapping Up This Fall

Have you been busy, busy, busy?  That’s what I’m hearing.  There is so much going on — politically and personally — and it’s hard to keep perspective, let alone take good care of ourselves.

I have set aside the holiday season as a time to celebrate my loved ones — friends and family — and to enjoy the moment.  Self-care is on the agenda with a PJ day (or two), a museum day and lots of time with Mother Nature.  Oh, and the holiday itself, of course!

Let’s take a look at the help I’ve offered you here on the blog!

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Taking Your Next Right Step

What is calling to you right now?  Listen to that.

I know there are lots of things on your agenda and your to-do list is full — I’m not talking tactics.  I’m taking about what your spirit and your soul are saying to you.

Whatever came to mind, I encourage you to acknowledge it.

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Recognize Your Challenge

How do you best figure out what your challenge even is?

Doing research, reading, asking others how they’ve handled this particular issue and talking to experts in the field are all ways I figure out which piece of the puzzle is getting in my way.

When we seek support to help us tackle a problem, we release the idea that we are an island.

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Get Organized

When you think about your goals, are you also thinking about the ways you need to “get your ducks in a row” as my Dad used to say?

Figuring out where I am, what I need and where I’m headed are important preambles to action for me.  This also works in the closet!

Let’s take stock of where you are, reflect on what you’ve done and imagine a way forward.

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Give Yourself Permission

When you start to think about the path ahead, do you find yourself stopping before you step through the door?

In my case, when I realized I needed to focus in teaching you on personal style, I became scared.  All sorts of doubts crept into my mind.  I couldn’t see, feel or taste what this might look like without also thinking about what might happen if I “put all my eggs in one basket.”

We all know what this is:  it’s the inner bully stepping up to keep you safe!

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As we look forward to the new decade, are you planning to celebrate how far you’ve come?

Over the past decade, I’ve built DailyOutfit, raised two great kids, said goodbye to both parents, made wonderful friendships and enjoyed incredible adventures.  All the challenges and joys mingled together into this thing we call life.

Together, let’s forge ahead into this new decade, devoted to holding each other up.  Let’s give ourselves permission to shine!

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