Matching Gift

How have you been doing?

I muted myself a week ago to spend time listening, being present and amplifying melanated voices.  I am showing up to be a better ally in protest to police brutality and systemic racism.

As a company, I want to acknowledge the moment we are in and encourage all members of my community to express their anger, take action and insist on change.  

–> To my white ladies, I encourage you to stand up and try to be a better ally to the black, indigenous and women of color in your community.  Whatever you have been doing to fight racism, we need to do more.  You’ve seen the lists; you know what to do.  Let’s get to it!

For my own part, I pledge to do more to galvanize this moment to bring about real, structural change.  I’m going to start by offering a matching gift. 

–> Please email your $99+ donation receipt to allison (at) and I will match it with the gift of my Style Starts Now! online program.

In solidarity,