My Gift To You for GDPR

My Gift To You for GDPR 15th May 2018Leave a comment

Since I am lucky enough to have a community that spans the EU and the US, I need to comply with the new EU rules called GDPR.

I am using this as an opportunity to connect with you in a deeper way by clarifying the ways I contact you.  You can choose to opt-in to the newsletter only, seasonal enrollment and/or the sweepstakes we run.

As my thank-you to you, I am offering you a 1:1 Style Challenges call with me for free!

This is your opportunity to ask me your specific questions, tell me where you are, get unstuck and get clear about your style challenges.

Call it a gift.  Call it a thank you.

I call it AWESOME because A) I will know I’m communicating with you in the way you would like me to and B) I get to help you solve your style challenges!

Please opt-in today!  I’ve got limited spots available through June 8th, so sign up today to choose the date and time that work for you!



What You’ll Receive:  You’ll receive an immediate invitation to book your call with me once you opt-in to the mailing list and indicate your awesome GDPR preferences PLUS your Personal Style Starter Series. Every two weeks, you will receive our newsletter.

The Personal Style Starter Series: This welcome series consists of three short videos explaining my personal style formula, key blog posts and access to video and radio interviews where I explain the genesis for and impact of my unique approach to personal style style.  Basically, it’s everything you need to know to get started on your personal style journey!

Privacy Policy & Unsubscribe:  We have also added a privacy policy to our website which is accessible in the footer.  You can unsubscribe from any of our lists at any time.

Why Do You Care?  GDPR is designed to protect your privacy and data as well as clarify how and what email marketing you receive from any community you join.  This is all about consent.  As a feminist, this is super-important to me!