Perspective: Why Personal Style Is Not Just For Stars

Perspective: Why Personal Style Is Not Just For Stars 22nd October 2019Leave a comment

Have you ever wished you could have a personal stylist to whip up an outfit and send you on your way?

I can get you very close — without the spend.

If every woman felt as confident as you feel in your favorite outfit every day, the world would be a very different place.

What’s stopping you?

When I ask former clients what stopped them from engaging with a stylist before, here’s what they say:

  • “Finances.”
  • “I think a lot of people are not exactly sure what a stylist is…We only know what we see on TV and so-called ‘celebrity stylists’ and I could imagine that a lot of women may think ‘Oh, I don’t need a stylist, that is only necessary for people in the public eye.”
  • “Also, not being aware of what kind of results you can get.  I would think, “Oh, I am gonna hire a stylist and s/he will pick out a couple of nice outfits for me and that’s it.  I don’t really need that.”
  • “If I would have more money so that I could buy more expensive clothes, then I will always look really good.  A stylist can’t help me fix my money problems.”

I hear you!

You have permission to want to look and feel good — without investing a fortune. 

I can teach you how to rock your own personal style every day, every season for the rest of your life!

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