Resiliency and Women’s Leadership: A Case Study

Resiliency and Women’s Leadership: A Case Study 3rd March 2020Leave a comment

Have you ever thought about how to tie your narrative together in just one glance?

When I worked with Daria, her journey was so fascinating to me:  from refugee return to resiliency trainer for women.  The personal style that evolved out of our work together felt so inspiring and exciting, I had to share her story with you!

We can all take strength from a woman who chooses abundance, truth-to-power, hope, serenity and fresh starts as her core values.

The way you show up communicates who you are in just one glance. 

Daria chooses to show up as an inspiring change-maker — which is inspiring in and of itself!

Interview: Daria Nashat

  1. How do you think your first impression ties into your success?

For me, first impressions are always about the connection with another human being. In this sense, I feel successful when I’m able to connect with someone I don’t know yet – whether it’s in my workshops, my professional and private environment or during random encounters with strangers. I like to wear outfits that express warmth, my openness to connecting with others and my curiosity to hear their story. Success is in the eye of the beholder, but for me the most important basis for achieving anything meaningful in life is human connection and the understanding that we belong to each other.

  1. Your work has to do with women and leadership. What particularly called you to do this work? What is your current focus?

My background is in peace-building and I started my career working on refugee return and post-conflict community building.  This work taught me a lot about resilience and leadership in complex environments. These experiences later led me to becoming a trainer and speaker on resilience and leadership with focus on women.


As a young professional, I never gave much thought to the fact that I was a woman or to the question what it actually means to be a woman. But at a certain point in my life I realized that as a woman, I often experience and see the world with different eyes. I believe the pivotal moment for me was when I became a mother. Like so many women, I have a strong sense of stewardship for future generations and a wish to contribute to the common good.


Once I realized this, I also noticed that women who own their creative power and femininity are still less visible in the public sphere. As a resilience and leadership trainer, my mission is to support women to embody who they really are, to speak their truth and to thrive. I offer workshops to foster resilience and female leadership with a focus on body intelligence, self-care and strategic sisterhood.


Encouraging conversations about creative work-life integration and the need to integrate natural life seasons (midlife, menopause etc.) into our life plan is key to my mission. As long as we don’t honor and befriend our female bodies with their natural cycles and needs, we won’t be able to unleash our full potential, femininity and power. However, I also believe that there will be no liberation of women without the liberation of men — because men are also stuck in outdated and limiting gender roles.

  1. What prompted you to decide to work on your personal style?

I was talking to a friend about training outfits and she told me about how much she had benefited from your program. I had never thought about the power of personal style and how it can help me to communicate who I am an what I stand for. But it made a lot of sense to me and that’s why I registered for your class. And I’m so glad I did! It’s been such a revelation how personal style can contribute to my mission by helping me communicate my message and values with ease and confidence.

  1. Was there a roadblock that initially got in your way of working on your personal style — and how did you clear it?

I’m not sure I had a real roadblock because I think the timing was right for my personal style journey. However, I think that many of us face a cultural roadblock that keeps us from embodying and showing our natural beauty, confidence and strength. For too long, women have been taught to be invisible and to dim their light – especially in the public space.


It’s unfortunate that even today, some women feel they have to downplay their femininity in order to ‘fit in’ and to be ‘professional’ in the workplace (and also to possible prevent negative attention from men). I’m therefore really excited that your personal style program guides women to show their true self from a place of self-confidence and strength.

  1. Do you have a passion or purpose my readers can help you amplify?

I believe that in order to address the global challenges we’re facing today, we need both women and men to co-create the world. Showing our true selves and speaking our truth as women is more than just a personal matter. By being true to ourselves, we lead by example and pave the way for future generations to thrive.


How We Make It Happen

How We Make It Happen
Photo by Krisztina Crane

Communicating Your Strengths

When you realize you have a calling to help others, it’s important to speak your truth in thought, deed and action.

For many of my clients, one of the important actions they take is to bring their personal style into alignment with their values.  Using color, cut, texture, fabrication and pattern to let the world know what you are about reminds you of your mission.

For Daria, that includes expressing her femininity while standing in her power. What might it be for you?

  1. Know You’re Ready. When you realize you want to communicate your values with ease and confidence, it’s time to step into the power of your own personal style.
  2. Decide How to Engage.  At first, Daria wanted to work with me 1:1.  However, as we discussed her life right now and the level of support she needs, she quickly realized the group cohort was a better fit.  She wanted to do more of the homework on her own and loved the idea of working within a safe space in a group of like-minded women.
  3. Take Action.  Growth only happens when we take the next step.  If you’re ready to say YES like Daria was, take action!  It doesn’t have to be scary — you can choose a safe and supported way to facilitate your own growth with guidance, instruction and regular doses of love and cheerleading.

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