Selected For You: Unusual Bargains

Selected For You: Unusual Bargains 14th April 2020Leave a comment

Are you wondering how to navigate the unusual Spring bargains available right now?

I fully understand — it feels wrong to shop during this challenging global time.  At the same time, the sales are happening.

I’ve selected some key items to make it easier for you to shop wisely.Foundations:  Foundations are an important part of your wardrobe.  There are a few key basics which are rarely on sale, but are right now:  bras and camisoles.  Above, I’m featuring Chantelle full-coverage bras and Nordstrom camisoles, both of which are fabulous staples for your wardrobe.  Click on the photo above or click here to purchase.

Spring Work-From-Home Outfit:  Bring together trendy wide-leg pants and easy tees for a great work-from-home look.  It’s as comfy as pj’s but way better-looking.  Add a soft blazer to feel professional on Zoom.  A heart pendant necklace reminds you what matters most.  Pair with slip-on sneaks for your daily walk to stay healthy.  Click on the photo above or click here to purchase.

Add Printed Pieces To Inspire Joy:  One of the inspiring realities of having so many workers sequestered at home is the way Nature has bounced back — clear skies over LA, dolphins in Venice as well as the seasonal joy of Spring.  Keep yourself uplifted with these gorgeous, breezy printed pieces.  Click on the photo above or click here to purchase.

Most Important?  Stay safe and stay well.  Thanks to our front-line workers.  They are our sheroes right now!

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