Showing Up As You #IRL (in real life)

Showing Up As You #IRL (in real life) 30th October 2018Leave a comment

How do you show up as you #IRL?  Is getting dressed well an everyday challenge for you?

It is absolutely possible for your outfits to lift you up on a daily basis to help you succeed — whatever that means for you!

To show you how, I started using my Instagram profile to feature my own getting-dressed process.  As a Personal Style Coach, it’s important for me to walk my walk. Now, it’s such a fun part of my morning, it is part of my “ikigai” — the Japanese term for “why you get up in the morning.”  These #dailyoutfit posts help me walk my walk — and talk my talk.

My purpose is to inspire you to dress intentionally — not for the male gaze or for other women to comment upon, but for you to fully inspire you on a daily basis.

#DailyOutfitHow do you show up as you #IRL?

Climate change is here to stay unless we take drastic action, so I have started laying my outfits out in the morning.  I check my calendar, check the weather and go from there.  Putting the pieces together before I shower gives me a moment to reflect on whether that particular combination is what I need for that particular day.

Using my formula, my wardrobe is comprised only of pieces that flatter, prime what matters and help me claim my dreams.  Because I use a color story to unite each element of my wardrobe, I can easily put looks together on the fly.  However, I’m also an expert on this — and I enjoy it!

While you’re building a wardrobe that truly serves you, I recommend styling your outfits ahead of time.  We create Style Maps for my clients containing all their looks. All they have to do is match to the photo, get dressed and go.  You can DIY this as well!

#IRLThe Full Look - How do you show up as you #IRL?

Every day, I take what I’ve been calling “The Full Look” photo after I get dressed in the morning.  Sometimes, I’m in my socks if it’s a work-from-home day.  In the photo above, the look is finished with shoes.  Note my hair is still wet, the lighting isn’t perfect and this is anything but a pro shot.

I am a real person living a real life. 

Because I want you to know that personal style is do-able within your already busy life, I deliberately take these shots quickly and post them immediately.  I’m doing this on the way to my own work, often after running the gauntlet of a full morning of getting my kids up, fed and out the door for their own day.  These are NOT atmospheric “aspirational” shots of how you can compose yourself perfectly to look absolutely gorgeous.

In my Instagram and in my programs, I teach you how to dress on purpose so you can go out and fulfill your own goals.

#TransparencyWinning Necklace on Instagram - How do you show up as you #IRL?

Each shot uses the same exact filter (the second one) nor are they airbrushed or touched-up in any way.  In our digital era of so many people doctoring their own selfies, I think it’s so important to show that I have lines, I let my hair air-dry, I wear glasses — and so on.  There is nothing perfect going on here — and I love that!

I walk my walk.  My motto is feel beautiful and confident every day — and I do!  You can, too.

Everything I employ with my personal style from the color I choose, to the pieces I wear, to the jewelry I choose is designed to help me further my purpose and feel great when I walk out the door.  It is intentional, but it doesn’t take a lot of time. Nor is it uncomfortable or expensive.

Authentic personal style is absolutely possible for you — and I can show you how.

How We Make It Happen

How We Make It Happen
Photo by Krisztina Crane

Creating a wardrobe that seamlessly supports your everyday life is simple:  we use my formula to create a personal style that works for you.  We style your existing pieces to match the personal style you have envisioned.  Whatever is missing from your wardrobe goes on your Needs List.  You invest in necessary items only according to your budget.  In the end, we take a head-to-toe inventory to ensure your self-care practice supports you to embody the woman you want to become.

  1.  Create Your Personal Style.  Use my formula to define what flatters you, what matters to you and how you can claim your dreams with style.
  2. Shop Your Closet.  Use your existing pieces to style the looks you have envisioned for yourself.
  3. Shop With Intention.  Invest in the pieces that are missing from your wardrobe and align with your vision.
  4. Support Yourself in Style.  Take a look at your self-care practices to ensure they support the woman you want to become.  Choose one to tweak to create a new self-care habit that lifts you up.

Want Free Style Coaching?  Click here to redeem your gift and sign up to receive!

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