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  • Are you ready to have your look feel like you?
  • Would you love to create a personal style that conveys the best of who you are in one glance?
  • Do you need new looks to boost your wardrobe yet you need to fit this into your already busy schedule?

If you said yes, the Signature Style Journey Program is right for you — available in 1:1 or Master Class format!

Signature Style Journey

Why is the Signature Style Journey program right for you?

This flexible 10-week program is designed to create your personal style and immediately action it with personal shopping starting at $333/month.

Do something just for you — you deserve it.


What You Receive

Virtual Classes

This class runs on a clear weekly schedule to deliver content and practical work to you in a way that is manageable and fun.

Personalized Style Passport

Create a personal style that conveys the best of who you are based on Allison’s “What Flatters + What Matters + The Dream” Analysis.

Discussion Forum

Each week, Allison will address your questions posted in the Discussion Forum during Office Hours. Get your specific questions answered, get tailored feedback and celebrate your wins in a safe, supported environment.

Emergency Call

With your program, you get one emergency call to use at any time. Get help via email or book a 30-minute consult during Office Hours.

Shopping Links

You’ll receive personal shopping links for your new outfits (VIP and 1:1 clients only, budget not incl.)

Laura Jones

“The single-most important takeaway from this program is that my personal style is a reflection of what is authentic to me but also a reflection of who I want to be. I don’t need to totally change how I prefer to dress to be fashionable. I highly recommend this course to others as it’s great to take control and be deliberate in how you present yourself.”
– Laura

“For me, your class was almost a philosophical/mindset experience. I’ve learned a new language that makes my life easier because it helps me get my message across nonverbally. Plus: I went shopping last week and it was easy”
– Daria

“I feel better about myself every time I get dressed for an important event or presentation. I have learned that my wardrobe can embody my values more than I ever thought it could. My morning routine is more simple and efficient, allowing me more energy to do the things I love to do!”
– Shannon

Robin Testimonial

“The investment I have made in my DailyOutfit wardrobe has been returned to me multiple times over! Since my outfits suit my figure and thought has been put into how the clothes work together, I know my confidence shines through. People always notice me and are often inspired to offer spontaneous compliments. In a busy city like New York, the fact that strangers feel compelled to tell me how great I look? It’s a great reminder that the DailyOutfit system really works!”
– Robin

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