Gain clarity on the power of personal style

My passion for personal style fuels me to share my vision, understanding and work with men and women all over the world.  Choose from my 20-minute talk on the power of personal style, go in-depth with my 90-minute workshop, “Style Starts Now!” or engage me as a funny and compelling panelist or moderator.

Speaking: Inspiration

“The Power of Personal Style” This 20-minute TED-style talk will help your audience understand how personal style can prime you to become the best version of yourself and propel your purpose forward.

My evidence-based talk showcases how we can use the latest research on embodied cognition, positive psychology and color theory to improve your results and better your outcomes.

Walk away knowing how you can set yourself up for your own definition of success.



“I especially appreciated how Allison incorporated psychological research and really aimed at empowerment. So often when you try to figure out style, you end up feeling defeated and inadequate because you don’t fit a particular mold. Allison’s seminar left me feeling invigorated and excited to discover how I can make what I have naturally work for me!”

– Ruby Snyder

Marja testimonial

“I really enjoyed Allison’s talk because she considers all aspects of me. She looks at who I am, where I want to go and what shapes and colours I have. A truly holistic approach which I have not seen anywhere else. Her advice was honest and authentic and to the point. Her feedback supports my confidence and helps me to make bold and characteristic choices that totally fit me and my mission.”

– Marja Godvliet, Founder, Women Entrepreneur Club

Pauline testimonial

“Since I have a specific sense of style, which I carefully developed over the years, I was a bit skeptical whether Allison would tell me something I didn’t already know. She did, though! Allison stands out with her human, and down to earth perspective on style. She didn’t stick to the “how to”, but elaborated more on the insight of what style means for YOU. It is that perspective, combined with her heartfelt and enthusiastic way of explaining it, that made me invite her to give a talk at my Centre for Conscious Connection.”

– Pauline Siebers, CEO & Founder Centre for Conscious Connection

Speaking: Workshop

“Style Starts Now!” This 90-minute workshop will help your audience take a deep dive into personal style and how to leverage it.

Learn why what flatters you is only data, what matters to you is integral and how personal style can help you make your dreams come true.

Interactive and engaging, each participant receives a workbook, small gift and a follow-up 30-minute 1:1 Style Challenges session.

Walk away fully understanding my personal style formula and how to apply it.


“Style Starts Now! Workshop”
“All of the positive feedback — I was prepared for a ‘What Not to Wear’ experience, but it wasn’t like that at all.”
“All the positive energy!”
“Allison’s presentation of the concept—including the advance workbook.”
“Allison is amazing!”
“I learned a lot — and felt pampered, too!”
“Now I feel ready to think about my wardrobe in a smart and intentional way — thank you!”

Watch the Style Starts Now! Teaser below:

Speaking: Entrepreneurship

Marketing, Visibility or Sales Talk.  Throughout my entrepreneurial journey, I have been happy to speak with groups about my lessons learned.

Whether it’s explaining the funnel, paths to profit or how mentoring is key to success, I am thrilled to turn around and offer fellow entrepreneurs a helping hand to get started, continue their journey or take it to the next level.

Walk away feeling you can take the next important step, that there is a model of possibility and renewed commitment to your business goals.


Susan testimonial

“From Passion to Profit”
“Allison’s presentation at Spark opened up so much for me. By telling her story, it literally set me free in ways that I’m still realizing since I heard it. For me the moment that she said: “Anger was a signal of my passion!” an AHA! moment arrived for me. I saw it as giving me permission to pursue my passion.

As mothers, we live with a lot of guilt about wanting to be individuals and pursue our passions. We are always balancing between career (entrepreneurship) and motherhood. Allison’s admissions and being so very vulnerable in her speech allowed for me, and maybe more women, to be okay with it. AND, more importantly, to keep going forward!”

– Susan de Vriend, Spark! A Conference for Female Entrepreneurs

Claudia testimonial

“How to Use Your Marketing Funnel to Maximize Your Impact”

“AMAZING talk! Impressive, practical and straight to the point.“

– Claudia Mayer, Women’s Business Initiative International

Speaking: Interviews

Radio or TV Interviews.  Whether you need a quick quote on personal style or would love to do an in-depth interview, I am happy to share insights or tips about personal style or my entrepreneurial journey, on the radio, podcasts and television.

Walk away enriched by clear insights on the power of personal style gleaned through working with numerous ambitious and next-level women.


Hemda testimonial

“I was privileged to collaborate with Allison when she was a guest on my global Internet radio show, “Turn the Page.” During our first conversation, I was struck by Allison’s warmth, energy, and excitement for her vocation.

Her effectiveness both as a guest on my show, and in her writing and coaching, is also attributable to her humility, professionalism, kindness, and generosity. I found Allison to be flexible, accommodating, and an elegant communicator. I highly recommend her both as a Personal Style Coach, and as a speaker for any media platform.”

– Hemda Mizrahi, “Turn the Page” VoiceAmerica Host & Producer

Speaking: Moderator

Moderator.  I bring energy and wit to even the most serious events.

Weaving the topics together from speaker to speaker is a joyful intellectual challenge and I can read the audience to elevate the mood or take a pause when they need a breather.

Walk away with a positive, energizing and empowering through-line to your panel discussion or speaker series.

Interested in booking me as a speaker? Please contact me!