Stepping Into The Spotlight: Quick and Easy Spring Shopping

Stepping Into The Spotlight: Quick and Easy Spring Shopping 23rd April 20192 Comments

When you step into the spotlight, you want to feel good about how you’re showing up. Let me help you with this shopping list!

Whether it’s a promotion, a new business or exploring the next phase of your life, I can help you embolden yourself with an outfit that exudes confidence.

With me as your personal style coach, we can elevate your game with these looks:

Star Boss Lookstar boss look spring 2019 dailyoutfit

People are going to be noticing you anyway.  Why not own the attention?

  • Colored pantsuits are on-trend this season for good reason:  we all know we need women to step up and lead and a colored pantsuit is a proven winner.  Choose red to signal your energy, blue for trust or pink for compassion.
  • Celebrate your promotion or new venture with a diamond star necklace — and remind yourself every day how awesome you really are!
  • Keep the look fresh or make it funky with a simple cotton shell or graphic tee.
  • Stay grounded with comfy loafers in a fun color so you can walk around the office and to the off-site without skipping a beat.

Click the photo above or click here to learn more about the products on the shopping list and to purchase!

All Suited Up

Jumpsuit Boiler Suit Spring 2019 shopping list

Boiler suits are big this Spring, but they are too rugged in denim and too sexy in silk.  For a more relaxed yet polished look this Spring, a jumpsuit like the ones in the shopping list below could be your answer.

  • It’s all about the waist:  Go for one with a set-in or self-tie waist to celebrate or create curves.
  • Dress it up or down with your accessories or add a clutch for evening.
  • Easy styling like a dress, the jumpsuit is cool and polished with a great 70s feminist vibe.

Fit to PrintShopping list pattern dress block heels

Women can wear pattern anywhere, so let’s use that power to make a strong impression.

  • Pattern in proportion:  Match the proportion of your pattern to the shapes on your face so you’re wearing the pattern and it’s not wearing you.
  • Nude Shoes:  In Spring and Summer, wear a shoe that matches closely to your skin color for an unbroken vertical line.  Avoid open toes in the office or at conferences, but keep it comfy with a wedge.
  • Tote It Along:  Bring your files or tablet everywhere you go with a shoulder bag.  Lighten your Spring and Summer look with a tan or clear bag that complements your shoe.

Why Skirt The Issue?

skirt look working woman knife pleat maxi shopping list

Women are often given the opportunity for leadership when “all else fails” (ie, owg’s couldn’t get the job done).  Take advantage of the situation by focusing on culture — and make it a place where inclusion is best practice.

  • Balance It Out.  When wearing a long skirt, think of your outfit in thirds.  Use color, pattern and details to make the look interesting.  If your shoulders or bust are the largest part of your body, go for color or pattern on the skirt instead.
  • Layer It On.  Add structure with a jacket, ease with a bomber or edge with a leather moto.
  • Statements Made.  Use a statement necklace to frame your face.  After all, you want everyone focused on what’s coming out of your mouth and going on in your head.

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  1. Hi Allison,
    “Why skirt The Issue” was quite thought provoking on many levels. Having something to wear that doesn’t detract from my competency and authority and also takes into consideration the cultural values was well communicated with your selection of outfits.
    Thank you,

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