Style Coaching

Style Coaching sets you up for success on your terms

I know your time is precious, so I have created my programs to work within your busy life. Whether you’re on the go for work, for your kid(s) or both, my programs give you back the reins so you can literally manifest what success looks like for you.

Style Coaching: How I work

Learn Style as a Skill

I teach personal style as a skill so you’ll practice and learn as we co-create your personal style for now — and you’ll know what to do later as you grow and evolve.

Style Coaching: My Process

Manifest Your Beauty Inside-Out

Putting my formula into practice, we begin with “What Flatters” you in your very first session. From there, we co-create your personal style from the inside-out. Finally, we’ll do a head-to-toe review to make sure your look sets you up to achieve the life of your dreams.

Style Coaching: The Format

Flexible For Your Life

I work online, in-person, in master class format, over time or we can revamp your personal style all in one day.  All programs are flexible, at varied price points and levels of commitment and designed to work with your life.


Dagmar testimonial
“My goal with the Style Journey was to define a new look for work and private life reflecting my current self. I learned that style is a mixture of the things that look good on me and the things I want to express. And that knowing my colors and style is key for easy shopping. You’ve guided me step by step through the program. I always felt welcome and respected with my opinions. The Style Journey has been a fascinating and insightful experience delivering visible results. I discovered new facets of myself and it still feels totally me. Thanks for everything, Allison!”
– Dagmar, Signature Style Journey
Ridhuna testimonial

“Allison’s method to discovering your personal style is comprehensive and holistic. You get to know more about yourself, the colours you are drawn to and why, what clothes look good on you and you also let go of styles and colours which are just not you – this one in particular was tough for me to do, but also a reason why my closet was full and I still had nothing to wear. I liked the fact that the course was stretched out over 6 months, as it really is a journey of self discovery which takes time and at times can be a bumpy one. What is great, is that Allison is also a great coach who is committed to your success, providing you support and motivation throughout. To sum up, I am glad that I took the course – it has made a huge impact on how I look and most importantly has done wonders for my self-confidence. Thank you Allison!”

–Ridhuna, Style Suites Master Class

Style Coaching: Ready to start?

Ready to Start Right Now?

Book your Style Starts Now! Mini-Course to springboard your personal style knowledge or book your Globetrotter Style Day to co-create your personal style with me in one amazing day!

Style Coaching: Enrollment

Want to take your time?

Launch your Signature Style Journey in my 10-week program each March or September designed to help you co-create your personal style and immediately action it with Personal Shopping, starting at $269/month.  Click here to learn more.

Comprehensively transform your style in in my 6-month Style Suites Sessions program each January, designed to help you co-create your personal style, shop your closet, action your needs list with Personal Shopping and review your style rituals head-to-toe, starting at $269/month.  Click here to learn more.

About Allison: I am here to help

Not sure which path to take?

Once you decide you want this aspect of your life sorted, you want to be sure to take the next right step.  I have designed different programs to match your learning style — it’s just a matter of choosing the right one for you.

Schedule a time to chat through the options so you can decide which program best matches your time, energy and resource!  Click here to schedule a chat.