Style Suites Sessions Program

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  • Are you ready to have your look feel like you?
  • Would you love to create a personal style that conveys the best of who you are in one glance?
  • Do you need to completely overhaul your wardrobe without going into overwhelm?

If you said yes, the Style Suites Sessions Program is right for you — available in 1:1 or Master Class format!

Style Suites Sessions

Why is the Style Suites Program right for you?

This flexible 6-month program is designed is designed to completely transform your personal style from head-to-toe.  This program runs January – June starting at $269/month.

Do something just for you — you deserve it.

“Allison knows just how to have you look your absolute best. Her Style Suites Master Class Program is fun, accessible, and comes with some great takeaways on style that I still apply everyday. Highly recommended!”

– Ashley, Style Suites Master Class


“The whole program made me feel good and more confident.  I learned so much — that I can find clothes that suit me well.  Allison is very positive and knows to how to help label the in-my-head negatives and turn them into positives.  She is great to work with!”

– Dana, Style Suites Sessions

Ute testimonial

“I really liked the balance of guided work – during our meetings/sessions – individual work and group work. I think this is a great recipe for this kind of course and what I also like is the fact that it is not about buying new clothes but about finding my style and discovering how to translate it with items I already have. Thank you very much for this great journey, Allison!!!”

– Ute, Style Suites Master Class

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