Summer Wrap-Up

As we wrap up Summer, use the dog days of August to focus on your self for more than a minute.

If you’re taking your vacation now, let me help you get ready!

  • Need some help with your vacation packing?  Use my Summer shopping list as inspiration.  Click here.
  • Not quite ready for baring it all on the beach?  I hear you.  It took a major life change to shift my perspective to body positivity. Click here.
  • Want to know how to amp your body positivity?  In a series of three guest posts, Dr. Sharon Galor breaks down how our body image is shaped, how it influences our emotions and behavior, and how we can fight back.  Click here.
  • Last Week to Enroll!  It’s the last week to enroll in my Fall program:  Signature Style Journey Master Class.  If you want to book your spot or just learn more, click here.

Have a wonderful vacation!!

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