Top Tips for Black Friday

Top Tips for Black Friday 27th November 2019Leave a comment

If you’re shopping on Black Friday, you’re using your time to get a jump on your holiday shopping.

But, inevitably, you will see something that seems too good to pass up for yourself.

IS too good to pass up?  Let’s find out.

Ask yourself:

  • Do I need it? 
  • Does it flatter me? 
  • Do I LOVE it?

If you cannot say a resounding YES to the above three questions, let it go.

Even if it’s on sale.  Even if it’s good quality.  Even if you sorta like it.

Let it go.

Most women only use about 20% of what’s in their current wardrobe.  You are not going out shopping on Black Friday just to get things to clutter your already cluttered wardrobe.

You are shopping for gifts.

Let that sink in a moment — you are shopping for gifts.

The items you buy for someone else are ones that will bring them delight.  They will help them enjoy their free time, they will help them get to the next level — they are things that that person really, really wants.

You need to treat yourself the same way!

Buying for someone else?  Remember to buy colors and cuts that work for the person you’re buying for.  Otherwise?  Yup — you got it.  Let it go.

How do you make sure an item will actually flatter the person you’re buying for?  Look around the shop floor and find someone with similar coloring.  If you’re shopping online, find a photo of your loved one and bring it up next to the photo of the item.  Is it a match?  Go with your gut.

It’s the same thing with shopping for yourself.  Try it on.  See how it flatters you — or not!

And finally, when shopping, please be kind to yourself:

  • Bring snacks
  • Take breaks
  • Stop when you’re ahead

Good luck out there!

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