Colorful Exploits: From One Adventure To Another

Colorful Exploits: From One Adventure To Another 27th June 2017Leave a comment

Are you transitioning to holiday mode?

I definitely am — this Summer, we are moving!

Join me in closing this chapter and opening the next one.

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Closing Out Our Dutch Adventure

Our time in The Netherlands has come to an end.  There are lots of good reasons for this, but it is bittersweet.  Most importantly, we will miss the friends and community we have built here.  We enjoyed some incredible trips as a family, checking off all our European Bucket List items!  We will miss biking as a way of life, the big sky and the tulip fields.

On the flip side, we are super excited for our new house, to be near my family and friends, for great schools for both my kids and to settle in for a while.  My husband and I have never lived in any one place longer than 7 years, so this will be an experiment for us.

Will we be able to do it?  We don’t know!  That’s why it’s an experiment!

Celebrating DailyOutfit’s Journey

I have grown this company from a tiny styling business to a full-fledged online niche focused on personal style.  I overhauled the website not once but twice!  I have written my book proposal, gotten an agent and I literally wrote the book on personal style.  It has been my honor and privilege to speak on this topic to a variety of women’s groups plus create a workshop experience you can access from anywhere.  Most importantly, I have coached wonderful clients to create their own personal style.

Over the past year, I have gone through and curated my blogging journey.  What I have imported to this site are the blogs I’m truly proud of and feel stand the test of time.  You can now post your comments and I would love your feedback!  Tell me what resonates with you.  To explore the blog, click here.

Taking A Pause

In the meantime, I encourage you to take some time off this Summer.  Hug your family and loved ones extra close and give yourself the gift of spending some lovely, lazy days together.  Life doesn’t all have to be action-packed!  There is such joy in rest and relaxation.

See you in September!

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