Do you have trouble styling your looks?

Do you have trouble styling your looks? 6th March 2018Leave a comment

Does this sound familiar?  You have:

  • a wardrobe full of beautiful pieces with no idea how to put them together
  • you spend time you don’t have before critical events trying to work pieces together and walk out the door feeling less-than fabulous, ruining your day or evening before it has begun.
  • you shop in emergencies for items you need but end up buying something –anything – that fits or “will do” just to tick the box.
  • your wardrobe is full of items you never wear, but don’t feel you can release because the item is “okay” or even “good” quality.

This is totally normal.  Yet, you don’t ever have to go through it again.

Even though I’m currently injured and it takes me longer to shower or get dressed, I spend no time choosing my looks because all I have to do is reach into my closet and pull one out.  I know exactly what goes with what and how to change up the look because I designed my wardrobe that way on the front-end.

Everything works — easily and efficiently.


How We Solve It:

  • Create your personal style. Get clear on the colors, cuts, fabrication and patterning that work for you.  Choose elements that evoke your core values and prime you to show up as the woman you want to become.
  • Shop your closet. Give yourself a month to take a selfie of each look.  All you need is two weeks’ worth of looks plus looks for events like a funeral, wedding, casual party and night out.  As you take your selfie, count how many colors, pieces and style elements exist in your look.  Keep your number between 8-15.  Note how you feel in each look.  Experiment with your pieces.  Listen and acknowledge compliments you receive.  Release any items that don’t fit, are worn or torn or don’t feel good.  Write down which pieces are missing or need replacing.
  • Shop your needs. Set aside some time to shop for what you need.  Decide on your budget and set your priorities before you go.  Bring the pieces you need to match with you.  Get to your favorite store when it opens.  Take mirror selfies of each look.  Once you’ve found your pieces, put them on hold.  Take a coffee & snack break, scroll through your selfies and gut-check everything as you refuel.  Return to buy only what you love and what is in your budget.
  • Set up your wardrobe. Now that you have clear, completed outfits, organize your wardrobe so you can easily see how the pieces work together.  You can hang your outfits together or group them by color or category – it just needs to make sense to you.  Only hang what you will use.  Put other seasons of clothing away.  Hang special-occasion wear in a clothing bag to protect it from dust or sunlight.
  • Enjoy! Observe how much easier your mornings are now that you have completed outfits to wear.  Acknowledge the compliments that will start flowing your way.  Note for yourself when an item is starting to show wear & tear and calmly add it to your shopping list.  Set aside budget as you pay your bills so you can shop at the end of the season and fully leverage the sales.  Celebrate how wonderful it feels to dress for your next event with plenty of time to spare!

Try It Yourself!

Above is the process I use every day with clients (and on myself) to create a wardrobe that works for your life and saves you time (and money).  There are many elements, tricks and tips we can employ to make this easier for you – these are the major ones.  Personal style is a skill set you can learn.  Try the above and see it if works for you!


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