Wanted: How Can I Help?

Wanted: How Can I Help? 27th October 2020Leave a comment

How can I help?

I’m reaching out to you during this difficult and challenging time to let you know I’m here for you.

While some of you are using your work-from-home time to dress entirely in workout clothes and squeeze workouts in where you are able, others have discovered that getting dressed every day makes a huge difference.

Jess says, “Even though I’m working in an empty office, I’ve started dressing for work again. I’m a huge fan of Athleta wear but putting “real” clothes on everyday has drastically changed my mood and how I feel about the day. Style and clothes really do go a long way. 🙂 ” – Jess, Founder/CEO, 3GIRLSTECH

What is your day-to-day experience with your clothes?  I’d love to hear from you!

Please take a moment to let me know how you’re interacting with your clothes these days and how I can help you look and feel better.


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