What’s the Right Program Level for You?

What’s the Right Program Level for You? 17th June 2019Leave a comment

What is the right level of support for you?  Are you someone who needs to work 1:1 on your schedule, do you prefer a guided, group experience or do you need to get ‘er done in one day?

Because only you know how much support you need, I’ve created my personal style programs to meet you where you are.

We’ll guide you through creating your personal style and putting it right into action with shopping. Fast-paced and results-oriented, each version of the program gets you to your goal with the timing and support you need.

My Signature Style Journey Program is available 1:1, in a guided, group format at the premium or VIP level and it’s also possible to complete in one day!

Infographic by Aafke Mertens

Which best describes you?

  1. Do you need the flexibility of meeting on your schedule and want full support from me? The 1:1 program is going to best fit your needs. Click here.
  2. Do you thrive in a group format and love the idea of learning alongside other women? The Master Class format will work best for you. Click here.
  3. Do you need to create your personal style ASAP?  The Globetrotter Style Day is designed just for you — we’ll create your personal style in the morning and shop for it in the afternoon!  Click here.

–>  Starting at $333/month!


No matter what program you join, you’ll receive my Style Starts Now! Mini-Course with your program as my gift. It sets you up for success giving you all the terms you need to know to hit the ground running! Even if you’ve already taken this as a live workshop experience, you’ll find it a useful refresher to tee up our work together!

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