What to Wear to Vote

What to Wear to Vote 13th October 2020Leave a comment

I never say this, but:  it doesn’t matter what you wear — unless you live in California, Delaware, Kansas, Montana, New Jersey, New York, South Carolina, Tennessee, Texas or Vermont.  Those states have gone a step further and restricted apparel that endorses a political candidate.

–> Wear your red, white and blue, but keep your candidate-specific buttons, hats and tees at home.

Whatever you wear — please make your plan to vote!

This year, you can literally vote in your pj’s, then get dressed, put your mask on and run your ballot to a drop-box.

  • If your county only has one drop-box, you might need to make a day of it.  Bring the kids.  Go get ice cream (socially-distanced, of course).
  • If you’re voting in-person, go early if you are able.
  • If you’re voting in-person on Election Day, you might need to wait, so dress for the weather, bring some food and a folding chair.

Still need to register?  Check out I Will Vote here or use this URL:  https://iwillvote.com/