Which hue is right for you?

Which hue is right for you? 27th April 2015Leave a comment

How are you supposed to know which hue is right for you?  Getting your colors done is the easiest way to find out which colors flatter you best, but it is an investment.

Here are some questions I often receive:

  • What does knowing your colors actually do for you?
  • Why do some colors call to me over others?
  • How am I supposed to even apply color knowledge when I have no control over what colors are being sold each year?

It can feel futile to invest in knowing which colors work for you when only some colors call to you and then even fewer are available to you!

Here are three ways increasing your color knowledge can help you look better, feel better and use your money wisely:

1. Look well-rested every day.
2. Express who you are without you having to say a word.
3. Make wise buying choices.


Know Which Colors Are Right For You

Know What Colors Work For You
Photo by Sharon McCutcheon, Pexels.com

Have you ever had your colors done?  No?

Wearing the right color for you makes you instantly look better.

Knowing which colors are right for you is not complicated.  It’s based on a simple formula combining your hair color, your skin color and your eye color.

Some of you will be able to figure this out for yourselves, others will need pro help.

Either way — knowing what colors look best on you helps YOU look your best.


Understand Why Certain Colors Call To You

Certain Colors Call To You
Photo by Pixabay, Pexels.com

Certain colors call to you because of their meaning.

When we clarify your color story, you may realize:

  • realize the colors that match your core values are all the dominant colors already existing in your wardrobe!
  • the dominant color story is exactly opposite from your core values!

You are already be telling a coherent story with color — the question is:  is it the one you want to tell?

When you walk out the door, you want to know the color story is priming your purpose.  You want to feel confident you are already conveying exactly the message you want to convey with your first impression.

Understanding your color story can help you convey who you are in a single glance.

Make Trends Work For You

Make Trends Work For You
Photo by Artem Bali, Pexels.com

I acknowledge how annoying it is not to be able to buy your favorite colors when you want to buy them. However, if you know understand how trend colors work, you most certainly can build your wardrobe using your key colors.

When your color is on-trend, that’s when you want invest in it. 

For example, my favorite pink has been having a moment.  I know how to take advantage of it.  I have purchased everything I need for my capsule wardrobe in this color, prioritizing these items because I know the moment won’t ‘t last forever.

Will this date my look?  Absolutely not.  The pieces I bought were modern classics — on purpose!

Knowing how trend colors works means that you can take advantage of the trends as they happen and build your wardrobe accordingly.

You can know exactly which hue is right for you.  You can understand how color can convey the message you want to send.  You can use trends to work for you.


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