White Tee = Fresh Starts

White Tee = Fresh Starts 12th April 2021Leave a comment

Are you ready for Spring or Summer?

We got a blast of gorgeous weather last week and I realized I’m almost completely out of fresh tees.  After all, last Summer I knew I would be on Zoom the entire time, so I didn’t exactly need anything to be in great condition!

Plus, I love the symbolism of a white tee — it’s a fresh start and once we all have our vaccines (I just got my first shot!), I think we’re all ready for that.  Don’t you?

Let’s take a look at how to style a white tee!

  • I’ve created one of my favorite looks below:  a great tee, pendant necklace, a lightweight jacket, jeans and “fancy” sneaks — or maybe I should finally try Rothys?
  • For extra measure, I’m adding a moonstone necklace and earring set since moonstone is the stone of new beginnings!

Pro Tip:  Linen tees are fabulous for really hot weather we get in DC.  They also take to the iron really well, so look very polished!


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