Your New Normal: Work from Home

Your New Normal: Work from Home 15th September 20202 Comments

The last thing you need to challenge you right now is your clothing.

Lots of you have been asking me how to navigate the middle road between your old work wardrobe and your pj’s — I can make this easy for you!

Let’s scratch “what to wear” off your list of daily worries!

Re-purpose Your Suits

Photo by OSPAN ALI on Unsplash

Putting a jacket on adds instant panache to any look, so revisit your favorite suits for these key pieces.  Jackets are great for throwing on before a Zoom meeting — so much easier than actually changing your shirt!

  • Layering.  Try your favorite jackets over tee shirts, soft blouses, dresses for now and sweaters as the weather cools.
  • One Dark Suit.  Keep one dark suit in your closet for future in-person formal events — an interview or a funeral.
  • Fool-proof Looks:
    • Jacket + Tee + Jeans
    • Jacket + Blouse + Jeans
    • Jacket + Dress
    • Jacket + Tee + Skirt
  • Accessories:  Add a delicate pendant for now, a neck scarf for later.  Flats or sneakers work for comfort — I add heels if I’m presenting.  No one can see me wearing them, but I feel a difference.  You can also do a loafer slipper!


Photo by Thought Catalog on Unsplash

Any easy dress may feel like your best friend right now.  It’s got the comfort and ease of PJs, but makes a clear distinction between home-time and work-time.  Those boundaries are important right now!

  • Layering:  You can layer an easy open cardigan over your comfy dress or punch it up with a jacket.  Add tights as the weather cools.
  • Knits:  Check your closet for knit dresses in any length.  If you’ve been wearing them for your socially-distanced get-togethers and they feel festive, keep them for that purpose.  But, if they’ve just been hanging in your closet, pull them out to wear to work.
  • Fool-proof Looks:
    • Dress + Open Cardigan
    • Dress + Jacket
    • Dress + Scarf
  • Accessories:  Bracelets are too annoying with your hands on the keyboard all the time, but a chunky watch can help remind you to take breaks.  Flats or sneaks dress down your look, so you can still take a quick walk around the neighborhood without feeling silly.

Note:  By now, you need to have set up your laptop so that it’s level with your face and has decent lighting — unlike what is shown in this particular photo!


Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Okay, I know — no one can see you.  Why wear pants or trousers?  I get it, but bear with me here.  Trousers don’t have to be uncomfortable.

  • Trousers/Pants:  Check your closet for trousers that actually feel good.  Those wide-legged culottes that you can pull right on or a pair of flat-front stretch chinos can do the trick.  Find ones with a little stretch in them.  High-waisted trousers will feel better when you’re sitting all day than something that digs into your belly.
  • Letting Go.  Is now the time to say goodbye to your trousers that don’t feel good?  I’m not sure I see any utility in them!
  • Fool-proof Looks:
    • Trouser + Blouse or Tee + Open Cardigan
    • Trouser + Sweater
  • Accessories: Keep everything pretty low-key.  A delicate necklace or stud earrings will do fine.  Flats or sneaks will carry you out the door for a quick errand or walk.

Observe How You Feel

Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels


As you go through the last weeks of the season, notice what you’re loving to wear.  When you bring your clothes up to switch out for the next season, observe what you’re excited to see.  What elements are in common?  Those are the things you want to put on repeat in your closet.

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