Your Passport to Personal Style

Your Passport to Personal Style 19th February 20192 Comments

When I started DailyOutfit, fashion was a rarefied domain accessible only for the thin, blonde and rich.  In the past ten years, tech has democratized fashion — and that is a good thing.  From the jump, part of my reason for being in business was to intentionally increase access to great style for all.

One of the ways I make great style accessible is to consistently reach out to explain my process. This enables you to choose the best way to mine the power of personal style for yourself.

Some of you definitely need the structure and accountability of my master class format.  Others absolutely do best in a 1:1 format with a Personal Style Coach like myself so you can follow your own schedule and have the ultimate in attention and privacy.  Some of you are capable of doing this for yourself.

Today, I want to share a unique aspect of DailyOutfit’s approach to personal style:  the Personal Style Passport.

Why Create A Personal Style Passport?

Personal Style Passport

Because I work with smart, accomplished women and their lives are necessarily busy and full, I wanted to create an easily-accessible html document to keep all their information in one place.

The Personal Style Passport contains each element of my personal style formula as we work through it in each program bespoke to the client.

Clients can see the personal style process unfold piece by piece. Simultaneously, they can rest easy knowing it is all recorded in one easily-accessible place forever. 

Invaluable for piece of mind, it is a priceless take-away.  You can use it as a reference for shopping or during your seasonal wardrobe review. No matter how you use it, your Personal Style Passport will remind you how the woman you envision actually looks.

You can create one for yourself, too!

Keeping Up-to-Date

As we’re upgrading the Personal Style Passports for existing clients, I’m reminded how flexible and fluid things are on the web — as they are in life.

Our new Style Passport is easier to read, load, track and follow — as well as fully mobile-friendly.  It is a beautiful rendering of all the information you need to support your personal style.


How We Make it Happen:

How We Make It Happen
Photo by Krisztina Crane

To create your own Personal Style Passport, the easiest thing to do is use Pinterest.  Using my personal style formula, create separate boards for each element in the formula.  If you want your information to be private, create your board as a secret board.

In my online programs, this discovery process unfolds over several weeks. This will give you the time to process, practice, and experience “aha” moments. During this process we will dig in, get it right and tweak where necessary.

  1.  What Flatters:  To know exactly what flatters you, gather your five elements together in one place.  A lot of this may be information you already intuitively knew, but some may come as a surprise to you.
    1. Pin all five elements in sections as I’ve done or use another organizing principle.
    2. Use my What Flatters:  5 Elements Board as inspiration.
  2. What Matters:  This is where the magic happens. Using color, cut, patterning, fabrication and texture, we’re mix up all the elements that matter to you to create a personal style you inhabit with ease.  It’s got to make sense for your life and be filled with elements you would love to wear.
    1. Translate your core values into a color story and style language tactics.
    2. Use my What Matters:  Color Story and What Matters:  Style Language as inspiration.
    3. Access all the things that make you special (favorite bands, places, sheroes, quotes, art, etc) to get a full view of your aesthetic.
      1. I take a forest-for-the-trees look for my clients and do a reading to see if there are any colors or elements you’re missing in your color story and style language.  You can try to do this for yourself or ask a highly-visual or intuitive friend.
      2. Use “What Matters:  My Aesthetic as your inspiration.
  3. Your Dream:  Curate all your pins onto one board to create your dream vision of how you want to show up in the world.  In my programs, we call this creating your Signature Style.
    1. To keep from getting into overwhelm, we use three the types of looks you want in your life as your organizing principle.
    2. Pull all the pins you truly love from your other boards into a new board with separate sections for the looks you want.
    3. Use Your Dream:  My Signature Style as your inspiration.

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  1. “Translate your core values into a color story and style language tactics.” As a self-love life coach, I say Bravo to this! What am amazing concept to include inside of styling.

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