“You’re A New Song”

“You’re A New Song” 7th February 2017Leave a comment
If you had to choose a theme song for your upcoming year, what would it be?
What does it mean?  How does it pump you up to achieve your goals?  This is personal style.

At New Year’s, my friend and marketing guru, Janet Wallace, asks herself this question each year.  As part of her Life As You Climb Corps, she asked our group to name ours.

The answer came quickly for me, “You’re a New Song” by Warpaint.  

Personal Style Theme Song DailyOutfitWhen I got to hear them live at Primavera Sound, I cheered, having fallen in love with the band the minute I heard them on the festival’s playlist.  They greeted us from the big stage, as we stood under the fading blue of the Barcelona sky, and proceeded to wow the crowd — not with sparkles or pop, but with deep musicality, nether-worldly vocals and excellent grooves.


They are insouciant, joyful, fun — and stand in their power.  My kind of women!

In this video, they are dancing and singing through my New York — the Village and the Lower East Side.  It is a celebration of female friendship.  I am reminded of my younger self, carefree and not a little silly.

It is a celebration of female empowerment and encouragement.  It is the song I want to sing to you. 

“You’re a new song, baby!  You’re a new song.  You’re a new song — to me.”

I’m here to encourage you and empower you to step forward into your purpose.  Because I know you can do it and I want to hear your voice, you’re a new song — to me. 

What’s your theme song going to be this year?
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